You can’t run a perfect business in real estate, as you have zero control over market conditions, tenant employment, or “acts of God”. Once you get comfortable abandoning the idea of perfection, you can take what you’ve created and teach somebody else to run the show, while you focus on the next investment.

If you’re like me, you move through life by walking forward, not standing still (or going in reverse). The same should be true in real estate investing. Investing is taking those steps forward, and your footprint is your little piece of the earth that you invested in. Keep taking investment “steps”, or else you’ll never get anywhere.

Imagine you want to get to the second floor in real estate; the steps are your “investments”, and the staircase is your “systems”. You can’t get to the next level by standing on any one stair,

So why do I advise you to create systems for managing real estate? Well, without them you won’t grow your business. You must be willing to defer responsibility, because nobody can *really* wear more than one hat at a time. By streamlining and replicating the process, you lift the load off your shoulders, multiply your efforts, and increase your effectiveness as business leader in today's ever-changing marketplace.

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