Do you still write letters when you communicate with friends? No – you use a piece of software on your phone to accomplish the task of communicating (typically via text). Don’t use paper in your business; you’ll never leave your desk if you have to hand-write your task list, tenant work order requests, checks, etc. Using digital tools is absolutely vital for scaling your business. Digital tools for real estate management are the various programs, software, and services you can use to accomplish the tasks in your business operations.

Side note: Almost all the applications and platforms below are cloud-based. That’s important, so don’t miss it! I recommend you not use anything that's native (i.e., programs saved on your computer. By using cloud-based applications, you have the flexibility you need to access AND share your files from anywhere—from your phone, your computer, or even remotely. Manage your team from a distance, check reports from the beach, you get the idea . . .

Let’s do a test: pick up a fresh stack of computer paper or a cookbook. Paper is heavy, has finite storage per sheet, and the more you use, the more space it takes up. Now pick up your phone, which has none of those issues. Get the picture?

Every application mentioned below follows this paperless mantra:

- Evernote
- Slack
- Screenhero
- Asana
- G Suite
- T-Sheets
- Quickbooks Online
- AppFolio
- Buildertrend
- DocuSign
- Traveling Mailbox
- Regus Virtual Offices
- Ring Central
- Click2Mail
- Zendesk
- Call-Em-All
- Point2

My goal is to help you to become more efficient and get more done (without all the headache) by going paperless and using applications that replace your paper-filing headaches. There’s also the benefit of redundancy when your files are stored digitally on remote servers (cloud services noted above), which all but eliminates any issues with water, fire, or loss.

Oh yea, almost all digital files are word-searchable. As in, you don’t even need to create a fancy filing system. Type any keyword, title, date, time, or other identifier and your document pops up almost instantly. Some programs, like Evernote, can even search your handwriting as well as typed words. This is the first of 17 web-based applications that will make you more efficient in buying, selling, leasing, managing, and renovating real estate.

These applications are by no means the only option out there. I have merely found them to be the most effective for my preferences, my team, and my workflow. Find what works for you!

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