Get approval from your client

If you’re doing this project for someone else, submit your proposal to your client for approval. (Or if it’s your own property and you’re ready to go, pull the trigger!) Once the client approves this proposal, we get signatures and a deposit for the renovation. This too is part of the Buildertrend software—the client gets an email through Buildertrend including the following.

- A series of pictures to see the scope of work
- Project costs
- The schedule of the renovation
- Ancillary information
- The opportunity to make a change order

With regard to change orders, the client can change the initial order to modify the agreement (they can add work items or change items). My advice to you, in general, is to be familiar with the terms “scope of work” and “change order” if you want to have a chance in this business.

Approve the materials and schedule the subcontractors.

Once the client has approved, Buildertrend creates a purchase order. There are two types of purchase orders.

1. Labor purchase order. This lets a subcontractor (or an internal employee know) exactly what the project is, what their pay schedule is, and when the job needs to be completed.

2. Materials purchase order. This order goes to a third party vendor like Home Depot or Lowes, itemizing exactly what materials you need.

These should both be done electronically when possible. We typically like to have the materials paid for online, then the laborer picks them up or delivers them.

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