Conduct an internal review

In order to manage the process, conduct internal reviews regularly. For us, jobs start on Monday, and construction managers do a review each week on Friday (or the 50 percent mark, whichever is sooner). This review covers what the subcontractor has completed. We pay them based on a percentage of completion (e.g., for 50 percent of job completion, we pay 50 percent of total cost). We use Buildertrend to calculate labor work orders. Then, we have the foreman floating between jobs to see that it’s being done right and that everyone’s happy.

The foreman has no more than five projects at a time to ensure quality and timing. This person reports back to our team each Friday the percentage of completion.

Side note on Buildertrend: Again, I wouldn’t say everyone needs to buy Buildertrend, but if you want to scale, you should really consider buying it. It costs hundreds of dollars a month, which is not that inexpensive considering the value it adds to your work. But once you’re doing 10, 20, or 30 projects a month, you need a system like this to track it all.

Otherwise—if you don’t use a software to track all this—you’ve got to do it manually. It can get very fragmented. You’ve got to track everything yourself.

- Emails
- Invoices
- Payments
- Schedules
- Vendors

If you have to track them manually, it gets rough and time consuming. Whereas, if you integrate with a software like Buildertrend, you are creating a system. Then, it’s automated, and you can get back to doing what only you can do—scaling your business.

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