The Serene State Of Mind

Serene was built on the idea that investment real estate should only be sold under one condition: when the asset has achieved maximum market value and the owner wants to pursue other value-add opportunities. Any other reason is simply leaving money on the table for another buyer to capitalize on poor strategy or a broker's ill-advisement. We believe in our clients and that their assets should be multi-generational, always garnering positive income. In the rare case that an asset is sold, we stand by the principle that the accounting records, improvement history, and market analysis provided by the manager is so straightforward that brokers aren't even necessary.



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Our Communities

Pride in ownership comes from effective management.

Mobile Home Parks
RV Parks
Single Family

Mobile Home Park management is how we got our start. We put our residents first, whether they own or rent. From communities like Southwind, a four-star modern community in Palm Harbor, Florida to Grove Shores Mobile Colony, a vintage waterfront community in Winter Haven, Florida, we add value to the entire spectrum of residential property types.

RV Park management is an exciting property type for us because it incorporates hospitality and leisure living. Creative solutions like our real-time wireless occupancy sensors to our demographic-specific social media marketing—our solutions ensure our properties like Hickory Point RV in Tarpon Springs, Florida and Lake and Bay KOA in Clearwater, Florida exceed expectations for both property owners and their customers alike.

Apartments have consistently provided high returns to our investors, not just in monthly cash flows but also in resell value. Because we offer comprehensive services to clients—from accounting to renovations—we're able to add significant value in a short period of time, allowing our owners to capitalize on market conditions.

Single family homes allow us to flex our creativity because each home is unique in its location, layout and leasing possibilities. Our digital resident portal allows for a tailored experience for each rental, ensuring we have the highest level of service for both our investors and our tenants.

Our People

Serene Communities started out as a commercial brokerage firm. Then, we grew into a management firm. Today, we’re both of those things and then some. As a full-service business, we offer everything from routine property maintenance and leasing to brokerage and acquisition.

We keep it Serene by providing an in-house maintenance team for quality control, a leasing staff with local market expertise, and managers that are second to none.


Pride in ownership comes from effective management.